International Meetup: Virtual Hackathons. Where Sky is the Limit. Or is it?

When you are establishing open, effective, and collaborative innovation culture in your company and you would love to do that in a motivational, engaging way, a hackathon is a way to go.
Fun, empowering, and effective in bringing on new business ideas or potential employees.

If you organized a live hackathon in the past (or even if you haven’t) you might soon realize that organizing a virtual one comes with many more challenges. A virtual hackathon is not better or worse, it is different. The main difference is in the dependability on the technical part: you have to be skilled to use virtual platforms and be able to facilitate participants in a virtual environment. And, oh, yes, everything must then work properly as you imagined it. Will it?

DATEJune 3, 2020LOCATIONOnline PRICEInvitation only
Free of charge

Kindly invited to the international meetup where we will tackle tips and tricks regarding:

  • Virtual hackathon strategy
  • Preparation: tools, platforms, channels
  • Execution: facilitation, format, and structure
  • Follow up: what comes next


3. 6. 2020 2PM – 3PM CET

Language: English (without translation).


For whom?

International R&D directors, Marketing directors, HR leaders, Heads of education, and Significant others of medium and large companies worldwide. Invitation upon request only. Please send your request to

Limited participation due to experience sharing and interactive content.


Clients recommend!

We shifted into a virtual world, and I addmit, with a pinch of doubt and some fear. How to maintain the connection, positivity and creative energy … at a distance? With the support of an experienced CorpoHub team, dedicated Generali Slovenia mentors, two communication channels and more than 70 creative participants, we managed to get 12 excellent hacks with which we will build an even stronger organizational culture. – Zala Slana, Generali Slovenija

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