Train the Trainer Certification Program by CorpoHub

The new CorpoHub Train the trainer Certification Program will help you build your facilitation skills and will give you several opportunities to improve the way you design, deliver and evaluate your workshops.
Due to a strong focus on understanding how people learn, presentation skills and training best practices, you will gain hands-on feedback from experienced trainers in a practical and playful learning environment.

With this program, you will become great at training design and you will know how to use different methods in training. First, you will boost your public speaking and facilitation skills and boost your understanding of experiential learning and understand how people learn. Second, you will also learn how to communicate with your workshop attendees and how to manage difficult participants. You will practice your training skills in a safe environment in a small group (up to 10 participants), that will enable a truly interactive and personalized approach. And finally, you will deliver an actual workshop and get feedback from professional trainers and co-participants, shape your identity as a trainer and most of all, boost your confidence as a trainer.

DATESeptember 5, 2019 - October 3, 2019LOCATIONTehnološki park LjubljanaPRICERegular: 2.300 € + VAT
Early bird: 1.900 € + VAT
Single module: 420 € + VAT

Fall 2019 dates:

  • 5 Thursdays from 13:00 – 19:00 at Tehnološki park 19, Ljubljana, starting in September.
  • 5.9. / 12.9. / 19.9. / 26.9. / 3.10. /



  • Module 1: my role as a trainer. Trainer’s competencies (what do I need to learn?), needs assessment (what does my client need? What do participants need?). Experiential learning (Kolb cycle, 4MAT) for understanding of how people learn.
  • Module 2: training design. A process of designing a training step by step. Learn methodology, know when to use different methods and learn how to connect everything in a perfect flow. Game storming (develop your own exercises that reach their goal).
  • Module 3: starting with facilitation – leading fruitful conversations using different methods, such as world cafe, fish bowl, OST … Second, public speaking – be confident and grow your self awareness with the help of a camera. Third, improvisation – become comfortable with improvisation and learn fun improv games.
  • Module 4: managing participants – communication with participants, establishing rapport, understanding group dynamics and managing difficult participants. Managing energy in the space – icebreakers and other techniques to boost the vibe.
  • Module 5: training delivery. You will jump in the role of a trainer and deliver a part of the workshop you will design, feedback.
train the trainer
train the trainer


After completing all 5 modules, participants will be awarded a »CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION – Train the Trainer by CorpoHub.”

To experience the benefits of our Train the Trainer Certification Program for yourself, apply here!

train the trainer


CorpoHub trainers will guide you through Train the Trainer Certification Program. They will share their knowledge and practical experience over the past years. Due to their work with numerous different groups, developing long term training programmes, facilitating discussions and delivering one on one coaching sessions, we are definite you will get the most out of the certification possible.

Participation fees

Train the Trainer Certification Program (5 modules, 30 hours of training)

Regular price: 2.300 EUR + VAT

Attending only 1 selected module: 420 EUR + VAT

Two or more participants from the same organization: 10 % discount!

Early bird offer until 15th of August: 1.900 EUR + VAT

Yes, we do Train the Trainer Certification Program also In-house!

Send a request for tailor-made Train the trainer Certification Program meeting at your premises:


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