Team Coaching

Team Coaching is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the coaching profession and is becoming increasingly important in organizations.


Team coaching is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the coaching profession and is becoming increasingly important in organizations.

Based on our experience, it is perfect as a follow-up after team training or as a tool where we see that a team doesn’t need another training – but they would greatly benefit from team coaching. We live in a time where information is accessible everywhere, and knowledge is easy to get. But we often experience that teams don’t implement their training knowledge because it is too theoretical. The challenge is to put that in practice and start living it, and team coaching is the perfect solution.

Team coaching before individual coaching

Another reason for its growing popularity is that leadership worldwide is changing. We are drifting away from the “one person at the top is responsible for results” model, and, as you can learn from our Management 3.0 program, teams are taking on more ownership and responsibility. Teams are the essential organism inside the organization, and that is why it makes sense to work with them proactively. 

Many organizations have trained internal coaches or offered to coach their employees in the last years. While that is an excellent way of rewarding employees, individual coaching primarily benefits the individual and secondarily benefits the organization. We see a more direct benefit for the organization with team coaching since better, more efficient teams contribute a much higher value than a high-performing individual.

What is team coaching?

Team coaching is not the same as agile coaching. Agile coaching focuses on developing the capabilities of the people and teams in the context of product development. Team coaching empowers teams to work toward continued high performance and various ongoing development, requiring innovation, flexibility, adaptability, and goal alignment. All traits that coaching helps support. 

ICF defines team coaching as partnering in a co-creative and reflective process with a team on its dynamics and relationships in a way that inspires them to maximize their abilities and potential to reach their common purpose and shared goals.

What does it look like?

Before we begin, we need to understand the aim and reasons. Often we conduct short 1on1 interviews with each team member to get a big picture of the situation. Then we meet in approximately 2-hour long sessions, where we define team coaching goals, identify action steps and reflect on team dynamics. It’s common to have six sessions, but it ranges from short-term team coaching with three sessions in 3 weeks to more extended team coaching projects lasting several months.

About the trainers

Urša Svetelj (CorpoHub) is a certified Solution Focused Coach by Erickson International and Integrative Constructivist Team Coaching Certificate owner, focused on team coaching and facilitation.

Voranc Kutnik (CorpoHub) is a Certified Scrum Professional, agile coach, licensed Management 3.0 trainer, and the only Fearless Organization Certified Practitioner in Slovenia.

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