Startup Team Mentoring

Early-stage Startup teams – be it internal in a big organization or independent “garage” team – need guided mentoring in their early steps.

We mentor and guide startup teams – either internal inside a bigger organization or independently founded – on their journey from initial ideation and team formation, toward customer discovery and development, prototyping, assumption testing, and pivots, all the way to repeatable sales and scaling. We have done it with many, many teams, so we know the ropes.

Target audience

Everyone who wants to minimize wasted time and resources … Especially: 

  • Startup team founders – if you want to get to that elusive Product-Market fit ASAP
  • Corporate Innovation Leaders – if you want to have capable and effective innovation teams
  • Incubators and accelerators – if you want to grow your junior first-time founders fast

Types of workshops

Mid-to-long term mentoring – (3-5 member startup teams, minimum 10 hours over 3 months)

We usually meet every 14 days, first in person, later via Video calls (Zoom, Meet, Skype). All join documentation, records, and tools are online, cloud-based. We can also help you find funding for your startup idea and support. We work closely with Slovenian Startup Ecosystem.


  • SPS Slovenski Podjetniški Sklad, Tehnološki Park Ljubljana, ABC Accelerator, Primorski Tehnološki Park
  • VIAR – Slovenian Startup of the year 2017
  • Beeping – Slovenian Startup of the year 2018
  • InstaText – Slovenian Startup of the year 2020

“Our sales target (which we set with our mentor Matej Golob at the begining of the year) for the first half of 2020 was 50.000 € in revenue. And we have achieved it! 🙂 The exact number is even higher than our goal. Congratulations to all! 🏆💪👏 – Matej guid, InstaText

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