If your teams are only getting introduced to agile mindset or they need an advanced workshop, you will get right-sized workshop and coaching by leading Agile coaching team in Slovenia, organizers of Agile Slovenia conference and Scrum Slovenia meetups.

Results that you can expect:

  • First of all, you will get to understand Scrum methodology and how to develop products in an effective way.
  • Know how to use agile work methods, understand agile mindset and agile manifesto. 
  • Understand scrum roles, responsibilities, events, actions, product backlog, user stories, scrum table.
  • Above all, learn how to present Scrum to the rest of your team.


  • Learn from the most experienced team in the area of agile in Slovenia, with several years of experience in Agile and Scrum workshops and founders of Agile Slovenia conference.

  • We have helped +100 companies to transform towards agile and furthermore, we own the state of Agile in Slovenia survey.

Participants: 5 to 20

Durations: half-day / full-day workshop / two-day workshop

“We began using scrum over a year ago. It was messy, not systematic and the roles were not clear at all. Because of a Scrum workshop we determined the role of product owners, scrum masters and development team really clear. And even more, we found meaning in scrum events. With Voranc’s practical experiences and calm approach, he successfully transferred his knowledge to the team and helped to shorten the distance between the dislocated development team and product owners.” – Damir Omrcen, Safesize

“Attending the CSM course was a great way for me to get to know the use-cases and benefits Scrum framework can bring to a team or an organization. Voranc is a great and committed lecturer that involves the audience in his training and allows lots of communication. Therefore he makes learning extremely fun and useful. Suzi is an experienced Scrum expert with years of hands-on experience in the field of Scrum implementation in large-scale organizations on an international level. As a result, she can  answer any question from practical field experience.” – Mitja Resman, Lit-Tranzit

scrum backlog
scrum backlog

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