Remote Agile Leadership

We face a lot of fear while talking about agile to management, HR, or other people in leadership positions. It is understandable – the responsibility they carry is already very high and now we want them to completely change the way they work. Are we trying to tell them that they are not good enough? Of course not – agile is looking for a win-win situation for both team members and leaders and it improves results greatly. The global environment has mostly already recognized the value of agility and we’ve got proof.

What is a Remote Agile Leader and how does he/she function in the modern (digital) era? How does he/she lead remote teams within an agile organization?

Join this online live interactive meetup, listen to CorpoHub top facilitators and trainers advice, and share experience throughout!

DATETo be announcedLOCATIONOnline PRICEInvitation only
Free of charge

This meetup is intended for CEO-s, HR directors, and heads of educational departments of medium and large companies.


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remote agile leadership
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