Psychological Safety

A high level of psychological is the core strength of the most successful and productive teams. It represents an essential prerequisite for an agile way of working.

Psychological safety can be defined as feeling safe within your working team and being able to express, doubt, or question team or leadership activities without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status, or career. It is the core strength of the most successful and productive teams, like Google’s Project Aristotle found out by studying more than 180 different teams. Psychological safety is a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. Most companies are already aware that a high level of PS is important – but how do you build an environment that enables its team members to feel safe?

Target audience

Everyone who wants to contribute to establishing a positive, creative, and productive environment in an organization. Especially: 

  • Executives
  • Team Leads
  • Working teams

Types of workshops

#1. 2-hours inspirational session

#2: 4-hour hands-on session

#3: 1-day deep dive session

#4: Tailor-made session

psychological safety

Results that you can expect after the Psychological Safety workshop

  • First of all, you will understand what is Psychological Safety, why is it important and what are the good and bad practices
  • Second, you will measure the level of Psychological Safety in your team and explore strategies that would increase the level of PS in your team
  • Furthermore, you will experience activities that lead towards higher PS in the team (retrospective, improv elements, feedback …).
  • Last, you will experience 1 on 1 facilitated feedback sessions.

A high level of Psychological Safety represents a basic prerequisite for an agile way of working. Common understanding and awareness of the importance of PS is the first and easy step your team can do. Our trainers are very experienced in creating a safe environment for slightly more sensitive topics.


Steklarna Hrastnik, SKB – OTP bank, SAS, Krka

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