Process Hack

With Process Hack, you will optimize a process. First, visualize it together with relevant process stakeholders, then expose challenges, provide solutions, and finally commit to agreed improvements.

Business processes are almost entirely about people and when we decide to optimize the process, we need a big picture view: connecting all important stakeholdering from every part of the process in one room. CorpoHub found a way to do it – instant optimization with process hack in just 6 hours!

Results that you can expect from Process Hack

  • Grow big picture awareness of the whole process among all employees in the company
  • Boosting engagement among employees (contributing to improvements)
  • Increased collaboration and open communication between different departments
  • Higher efficiency and optimized work process.


  • You can achieve work process optimization in only 6 hours (with the right people in the room!)
  • We will help you in depth with preparations, picking the right people from all levels of the company to be present
  • With engagement and contribution, each person present will be truly committed to push the identified changes forward and make sure that they really happen.

“Great workshop! Focused, efficient, & very motivational – which is essential, because it leaves you with a very clear list of tasks and an agreed deadline. Would recommend for complex processes with several actors involved.” – Špela Zakotnik, Petrol

“Process Hack offers relaxed guidance of a team towards an understanding of the big picture of the process. With the help of the facilitator, our team defined its challenges and formed creative improvements, with clear to-dos for successful implementation for the whole team.” – Tanja Seljak, Poclain Hydraulics

“Process Hack shows how simple and efficient we could approach to process improvement in agile way with active involvement of all process relevant participants to identify challenges, find solutions and implement the changes. The content fits perfectly to current mindset transformation (empowerment of involved people, commitment to implement proposed solutions). Great course!” – Tomaž Setničar, BSH Home appliances

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The Process Hack can be performed both live in the workshop room or online in the Miro environment.

Participants: from 4 up to 12 people (depends on the structure and size of a team)

Duration: 6 – 8 hours

process hack

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