Process Hack

Business processes are almost entirely about people and when we decide to optimize the process, we need a big picture view: connecting all important stakeholdering from every part of the process in one room. CorpoHub found a way to do it – instant optimization with process hack in just 6 hours!

Results that you can expect from Process Hack

  • Grow big picture awareness of the whole process among all employees in the company
  • Boosting engagement among employees (contributing to improvements)
  • Increased collaboration and open communication between different departments
  • Higher efficiency and optimized work process.


  • You can achieve work process optimization in only 6 hours (with the right people in the room!)
  • We will help you in depth with preparations, picking the right people from all levels of the company to be present
  • With engagement and contribution, each person present will be truly committed to push the identified changes forward and make sure that they really happen.

“Great workshop! Focused, efficient, & very motivational – which is essential, because it leaves you with a very clear list of tasks and an agreed deadline. Would recommend for complex processes with several actors involved.” – Špela Zakotnik, Petrol

“Process Hack offers relaxed guidance of a team towards an understanding of the big picture of the process. With the help of the facilitator, our team defined its challenges and formed creative improvements, with clear to-dos for successful implementation for the whole team.” – Tanja Seljak, Poclain Hydraulics

Process hack founder and driver in our team is Daniela Bervar Kotolenko. Read more about it in a blog, where she shares, how does process hack work in depth.

Participants: up to 12 people (depends on the structure and size of a company)

Duration: 6 hours

process hack

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