Playing Lean Workshop

A very dynamic simulation setting you up in lean innovation mindset. In a half a day, Playing Lean board game takes you through revelations and pivots of a startup story, immediately applicable into your everyday business innovation life, saving you time, money and lowering stress levels.

Used by development and management teams in mature organizations, independent startup teams and individuals just starting out. Useful as team building events and strategic conference material. The simulation is based on main concepts from The Lean Startup (by Eric Ries) and Running Lean (by Ash Maurya).

Type of workshop: Moderated interactive session or as part of team building programs, off-sites and strategic gatherings.

Participants: 4 teams (2-4 players in each team) per table, up to 4 tables

Duration: 3-5 hours

The best way to learn Lean Startup

In just a couple of hours of Playing Lean, with full of a-ha moments and pivots, you will get to know a systematic and effective way to develop new, disruptive business ideas and opportunities, which will, in turn, save a lot of time, money, resources and stress. You will get this knowledge and experience through many mistakes in a controlled environment of a board game. You will learn from the mistakes in the game, which mistakes you should not do at work.

The game is designed as intra-team collaborative, yet inter-team competitive. In about 30 business turns only one of four teams wins with the best use of scarce resources and ambition to rule the market.

On the end, teams share their strategies, mistakes, luck and learning – and how they will bring all that learning back to their daily business.


You would decide for this workshop if you would like to:

  • introduce agile and lean principles into your daily business life
  • experience the disruption and dynamics of a fast-paced startup-like conquering of customer segments in a very uncertain competitive situation and severely constrained resources
  • update and speed up development and launching of your risky new products and services and realize how not very lean you actually operate
  • simulate product and customer development of your business idea, before you do it in real life.

Participant responses: “Better than hours of lecturing”.



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