Pitching and effective presentations

The success of you presenting your idea or project mostly depends on the way you present it. Storytelling, TED elements (emotional, novel, memorable), pitching know-how, nonverbal excellence and clear structure; these are just a few elements that will make your presentation stand out. The key to effective presentations is preparation – and the most valid way to prepare is by getting real-time quality feedback and suggestions for improvements. And that is why we are here.

Results that you can expect:

  • Boosted public speaking confidence
  • speech/performance, that will reach its goal – clear aim, structure and main message
  • Improved nonverbal communication via effective feedback sessions
  • A clear idea on how to prepare your future presentations – for the rest of your life


  • Our team is highly experienced in startup pitching coaching, public speaking courses, TEDx speakers and storytelling coaching 
  • The tailor-made programme, adapted to your level of public speaking skills and tailor-made to your type of presentation (pitch/lecture/TEDx talk/ …)
  • Several public speaking topics to choose from: nonverbal communication, speech structure, using TED elements in presentations, overcoming fear of public speaking …


Duration: 4 hours – 2 days

Participants: group workshops (up to 15 participants), individual 1on1 coaching

pitching and effective presentations

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