Organization, facilitation, and moderation of online events

We organize, facilitate, and moderate your online conferences, webinars, corporate, and networking events in an engaging and interactive way.

With social distancing worldwide, Covid-19 has pushed events, conferences, workshops, and meetings to online mode.
Even though virtual events can be great because of the convenience, lower costs, and countless ways to connect with people around the globe, they can also be a painful drag if you don’t execute them properly.
Organization, facilitation, and moderation of online events is something we can offer to you, to create an engaging and interactive experience for your audience. A good host moderates their online events to ensure guests are having a great time and staying engaged. That means interacting in the comments, answering questions, and creating a two-way experience rather than just lecturing at attendees.

But how to get even started with all the technical requirements and insufficient knowledge of online tools?

Reach out to us and let us help you with organization, facilitation, and moderation of your online conferences, webinars, corporate, and networking events.

Organize, facilitate, moderate online events

Types of online events we organize, moderate, facilitate or host

  • Conference – Webinar
  • Meeting
  • Workshop
  • Teambuilding
  • Hackathon
  • Hybrid events*

*We can perform all the events in hybrid mode – partly on the spot and partially online. 

What can we do for you: 

#1 Event preparation and/or technical facilitation support:

  • Introduction to virtual environments (Zoom or MS Teams environment).
  • Help to create a detailed scenario of preparation and implementation based on ambitions.
  • The technical setting of event parameters.
  • Presentation of the Zoom environment and advanced use of the functionality.
  • Details on the preparation (Zoom meeting and Zoom Webinar mode), comparison, and concrete application.
  • Assistance in the technical preparation of settings for the implementation.
  • Demonstration and presentation of the use of Breakout rooms (separate rooms within the lecture/workshop/event).
  • We teach you how to share a presentation with someone, hand over the remote control.
  • Capturing the questions and forwarding them to the moderators during the event.
  • Test runs with speakers/panelists, event organizers.
  • Online recording upon agreement (Zoom recording).
  • Other practical tips & tricks.

#2 Moderation support:

Some of the things that an online event moderator typically does:

  • First of all, the moderator sets the agenda for the event.
  • Second, he or she welcomes the audience and outlines any protocols and team agreements (e.g., don’t draw on the PowerPoint slides unless invited to do so!).
  • During the event, he or she introduces the speakers.
  • Gives permissions to speakers and participants to use specific tools such as the shared whiteboard or the microphone.
  • Furthermore, he (she) keeps track of any questions that may appear in the chat window during the talk and moderates a question-and-answer session when the speaker has finished his or her presentation.
  • Last, the moderator sums up, thank the speaker and audience, and closes the session.


Generali, GZS, MRA, SETCCE, University of Ljubljana, SPIRIT, Beep Institute, Legera, KorpoStart

Excellent preparation, task management and responsiveness are the three key characteristics of CorpoHub employees that made us more than satisfied with the execution of SETCCE events. – Belma Ćatić, Sales consultant, SETCCE d.o.o

This digital shift can feel a bit overwhelming in the beginning. If you’re thinking of planning your event, there are many things to consider, from the size of the event and the available budget or moreover, what you can realistically arrange.

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