Crafting effective Business Models

The essence of a good business model is that it effectively solves a problem that is worth solving. Businesses fail most often because of bad business models, not bad business plans.

We enter markets with business models and not with products and services. Business models can be average or top notch. Business models are much more than just sales models.

We define business models with short and concise answers to questions such as: who are the customers, what problem, need or desire we solve for them, what is our product / service, what are the alternatives, what value do we offer them with the product / service, through which channel do we access them, how do we build a relationship with them, what resources do we engage, what do we do, who do we work with, how much does it cost us and what do we finally get from it.

Learn key skills to handle uncertain opportunities on markets.

DATEOctober 20, 2022LOCATIONLjubljanaPRICE Regular price: 290 € + VAT
Early bird: 260 € + VAT

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