Mindfulness workshop and training

Mindfulness is a mind-training method that allows you to gain clarity of the mind and to become more aware of your mental processes. Enhanced emotional intelligence and knowing yourself better and your reactions to different triggers, allows you to recover from stressful situations faster and more effectively, which is known to improve one’s overall quality of life, both in a business environment and at an individual level.

Mindfulness training for Leaders
Scientific researches show that mindfulness improves cognition, reduces distraction and makes you more empathetic. Join numerous world-class leaders who have already gone through 8-week mindfulness training and are harvesting it’s business- and life-changing benefits!

Mindfulness training for teams
Main reasons why most successful companies all over the world are organizing mindfulness trainings for their teams are positive impact on the overall culture, improved quality of relationships and increased focus, innovation and creativity. Not only is mindfulness one of the most powerful ways to have more emotionally intelligent employees – it could even be the secret to your success!

Half day workshop (5-20 participants) + 8 weeks individual mindfulness training program

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