Mindfulness for business

Due to overwhelming stress and responsibilities, we need to learn how to train our mind to react in an efficient way, that keeps our energy high and makes people around us feel good. The most efficient method of mind training is so-called mindfulness. Even the most successful leaders around the world are hooked and once you discover the magic of it, you will probably be too.

Results that you can expect:

  • Enhance your emotional intelligence and develop higher self-awareness
  • Improve the quality of team relationships with increased focus, innovation, and creativity
  • Manage stressful situations faster and more efficiently
  • Improve your leadership & team communication skills


  • Adapted mindfulness training for business context,
  • Additional 8 weeks follow up program, that will enable your team to truly develop mindfulness into a habit,
  • Mindfulness is presented in a business set up with worldwide known examples of companies practicing the concept. Even the most skeptical team members are able to overcome their concerns regarding this ability.

Participants: up to 20

Duration: half or full-day workshop + 8 weeks of the follow-up training program for each individual.


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