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The Chief Innovation Officer’s role is crucial in larger firms and helps manage, coordinate, and orchestrate innovation efforts.

The world is changing faster and faster, accelerated by the COVID -19 situation. Accelerate the transformation of your business or you will be accelerated into becoming an obsolete supplier in your markets. Effective innovation does not happen by chance – it should be built systematically!


Innovation therefore becomes the top priority for companies that want to secure/increase their revenues and prevent the decline of demand for their products and services in the market! Mastering Business Innovation (MBI) is about the mindset and concepts that drive innovation throughout the organization, beyond the traditional boundaries. You should actively explore the company’s new uncertain territories and options by leveraging innovation intelligence, experimentation, and ideation. In other words, you need to orchestrate all elements of the management system so that discovery, incubation, and acceleration are aligned for future success.

Upon completion of the MBI – Mastery of Business Innovation Certification Program (formerly called CINO), participants will have the skills and tools necessary to execute the various innovation activities to achieve desired business outcomes with maximum confidence and efficiency.

The 10+ modules of the MBI program include:

  • Where to start? Innovation strategy + culture.
  • What are the foundations of successful innovation? Leadership + innovation.
  • What are your options? 10x innovation.
  • How to come up with promising ideas? Ideas + concepts.
  • How to test ideas? Design Thinking + Sprint.
  • What all can go wrong? Playing Lean.
  • How to build a new business? Lean Startup + Scaleup.
  • How to handle dozens of opportunities at once? Innovation Portfolio Management.
  • How to increase work effectiveness? Agile work + tools.
  • What kind of innovation engine do we need to build?
  • How to obtain resources? Pitching ideas + promises.
  • What else should we debate? Lean Coffee.

Participants will be invited to join the InnoLumni community at the end of the program (exchange of experiences between several generations of MBI/CINO people).

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Target audience

  • Head of Innovation, Innovation Program Director, Innovation Lab/Centre Director – responsible for (an) innovation group(s)/program(s)
  • Venture Lead/Innovation Team Lead – leading a venture and/or responsible for (an) innovation team(s) or project(s)
  • Executives/Line Managers/Product Owners – if you want to learn a complete end-to-end overview over the systematic approach to lean innovation.
  • UX Designers/Marketers/Lead Engineers – all levels – if you would like to improve the way you manage product development.
  • R&D/Product/Project Executive Officers – if you are looking for a new better alternative way of project management.
  • Leading Individual Intrapreneur, Innovation Team Member/Contributor

Types of workshops

#1 The Why, How, Who of Lean and Agile Business Innovation? – Keynote inspirational talk (up to 20 participants, 1 – 2 hours)

#2 (tailored) Mastery of Business Innovation  – Individual company focused program with 8 – 15 modules – (up to 12 participants, 16 – 30 hours)

#3 Mastery of Business Innovation Certification Program by CorpoHub – open/public program with 12 core modules (up to 12 participants, 24 hours)

In each type of workshop, a large part of the workshop is individual and teamwork with the exchange of opinions and experiences, with focused discussions and reflections. Workshops are professionally moderated, interactive, intense, challenging, and hands-on.

Workshops are supported by special tools and accessories, presentation slides, and examples of recommended literature and video content for in-depth research given to participants in the conclusion. The participants will also receive a copy of the material that is generated during the workshop. 

We deliver MBI workshops (like any other) in an offline or on-line format.


A1, Adria Mobil, Adria Dom, Akrapovič, BTC, Domel, Endava (prej Comtrade CDS), GEN-I , Generali zavarovalnica, Hidria, Iskra, Iskraemeco, Iskratel, Jata Emona, Kolektor, Lek/Novartis, Merkur Trgovina, Mladinska knjiga Založba, M Sora, NLB, Petrol, Pošta Slovenije, Radeče papir nova, SAS, Salus, SRC, Steklarna Hrastnik, TPV Automotive, Zavarovalnica Sava, Zavarovalnica Triglav and others.

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What the participants said:

“I liked the relaxed atmosphere and direct communication between the group and the facilitators, who were always available to us and ready to answer our questions. They really are a team that exemplifies agility and commitment to their mission, which is also ours.” – Darja Ferčelj Temeljotov, Lek, strategic programs


“The main thing I gained, by attending the Certification program, is a new thinking framework. And with that also new tools, methods, and ways of work development that will accelerate our development efforts and provide us with a bright future.” – Boštjan Veber, Akrapovič, research


“I started using Kanban and Note & vote at my work before we even finished the Certification. Five-day SPRINT switched the whole team to 6th gear and showed us how we can innovate, test and prepare prototypes quickly and efficiently. Enabling, proofing, repetitive prototype making and quick learning will lead me in the future, and the basis for this is of course falling in love with the challenges.” – Larisa Potokar, Telekom Slovenije, CINO


“When we get our hands on the right approaches and tools – as in this program – introducing innovations and changes becomes a challenge. And solving the challenge with people and for people then becomes a pleasure. To live with changes and at the same time enjoy it? Why not?” – Zlatko Pflaum, Lek, project management


“By attending the Certification program, I learned a number of new tools that help me deal with situations in all phases of teamwork on a daily basis. From brainstorming to finally implementing the right innovations.” – Mojca Brecelj, Zavarovalnica AS

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