Summer school – Mastery of Lean and Agile Business Innovation – MBI

“Masters of business innovation” should take responsibility for the orchestration of all types of company development, be it systems of continuous improvement or breakthrough innovations.

With “Mastery” we want to emphasize that these are real Master competencies, and with “Business Innovation” we want to emphasize the difference to technical / technological innovations.


Trends of change in the world is not only a threat but also our opportunity for business breakthroughs with truly thoughtful solutions. Changing the situation requires value chains to adapt at all levels. The most effective changes or innovations do not happen by chance – they are built according to a plan! People play a key role in this, and only then the technologies.

Welcome to the Mastery of Lean and Agile Business Innovation Certification program!

DATEAugust 17 - 31, 2022LOCATIONLjubljanaPRICE Regular price: 2.490 € + VAT
Early bird: 2.090 € + VAT

(2 weeks before the event)

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