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The world is changing faster and faster, mainly due to the COVID -19 situation. Electrification, digitalization, circular economy, re-globalization, generational change, etc. are having a huge impact. All business systems and every part of these systems will change. People play a key role in this, and only then the technologies.

The change in situation is not only a threat but also our opportunity for business breakthroughs with truly thoughtful solutions. Changing the situation requires value chains to adapt at all levels. The most effective changes or innovations do not happen by chance – they are built according to a plan!

The “Masters of Lean Innovation” should take responsibility for ensuring that companies manage to stay afloat through their innovative and creative strategies.

Welcome to the Master of Lean Innovation Certification program!

DATEAugust 3 - 18, 2021LOCATIONOnlinePRICE COVID-19 online price: 1.990 € + VAT
Early bird: 1.590 € + VAT
Single module: 190 €+ VAT

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Master of Lean Innovation – Certification Program Outline

Learn the innovative tools, methods, and strategies that today’s industry leaders are using to change the future. Use this knowledge to supercharge your career.

At the training you will get:

  • 12 modules of intensive practical training;
  • insight into a systematic approach to lean innovation of new solutions of all kinds;
  • at least 20 concrete lean/agile tools and methods that you can immediately use in your work, be it regular, project or innovation;
  • concrete advice and solutions for the effective portfolio management of complex projects;
  • insight into many cases from current practice in Slovenia and abroad;
  • special working material with indications of sources for additional study;
  • the official CorpoHub MLI Certificate to be awarded at the grand Lean Innovation Slovenia Summit.
  • (and last but not least) a great opportunity to socialize with colleagues – each module is expected to end with a free conversation over a beer.

As part of the program, you get a lot of guidance for independent in-depth study.


Take a look at the content-rich program of Master of Lean Innovation training.


Day 1: Tuesday, 3 August

Module 1: 11.00 – 13.00
Welcome + preparation of the working environment
Involvement of the participants and gathering of specific expectations. Practical presentation of the environments and tools Zoom, Jamboard, Mural, GoogleDrive, Mentimeter, etc. for synchronous work and effective collaboration of remote teams used in the workshop and in the actual innovation processes.

Module 2: 14.00 – 16.00
Innovation strategy + culture
VUCA World. Megatrends and opportunities of the post COVID -19 strategic gaps and innovation strategy. Internal and external, intentional and unintentional innovation. Cynefin framework. Creating or transforming a culture of innovation. Models for assessing the level of innovation in society.

Day 2: Wednesday, 4 August

Module 3: 11.00 – 13.00
Leadership + Innovation
The importance of leadership and managers. Creating a psychologically safe environment. Recommended Practices Management 3.0 Identifying and removing internal barriers to systematic innovation. Efficient, self-organized innovation teams. Examples of approaches to innovation in larger companies.

Module 4: 14.00 – 16.00
Agile Working + Tools
Agile manifesto, agile mindset, values, principles, and practices and tools. Overview of Kanban and Scrum tools and processes. Composition of agile teams. The rhythm of work. Measuring the pace of work. Importance and forms of retrospectives. A work environment that supports visibility and agility. Measuring agility.

Day 3: Tuesday, 10 August

Module 5: 11.00 – 13.00
Options + ambitions of systematic innovation
Co-existence of leadership and innovation/entrepreneurship/research roles in the wider business ecosystem. Forms of open innovation. View from an external guest from industry. Attempt to prepare 10-fold ambitions of innovation. Sharing of experiences of participants.

Module 6: 14.00 – 16.00
Ideation + Conceptualization
Roles in the ideation process. Pathways to small and big ideas. More sophisticated forms of facilitated ideation: hackathon, Innovation Day, Process Hack, retrospective … Gaining moral and material support from key stakeholders. The importance of a (different) environment for more creativity.

Day 4: Wednesday, 11 August

Module 7: 11.00 – 13.00
Design thinking + Sprint
The most common formats of Design Thinking approaches in practice. Principles of how a full and complementary “design” team works. Examples of Design Sprint testing large uncertain business opportunities. Perspective and experience of an external guest from industry.

Module 8: 14.00 – 16.00
Lean Startup + Scaleup
Startup mentality, principles and practice. Concepts including tools Business Model Canvas Plus, Value Proposition Canvas Plus, Jobs To Be Done, Customer Development. Key assumptions, prototyping, testing and pivoting. Growth Techniques. Real world examples and what can go wrong.

Day 5: Tuesday, 17 August

Module 9: 11.00 – 13.00
Innovation Portfolio Management
Classification of business opportunities in the area of risk / size. Metrics for measuring (entrepreneurial) progress. Investment Readiness Level for breakthrough innovations. Gradation of funding. The role of “Growth Boards”. What does a truly modern company look like?

Module 10: 14.00 – 16.00
The construction of a concrete innovation engine
Technological and business models. Systematic implementation of improvements: Information, training, operations. Phases of capture, incubation, acceleration and integration of new business models. Creation of a specific innovation strategy. Establishment of an innovation engine.

Day 6: Wednesday, 18 August

Module 11: 11.00 – 13.00
Pitching the Promise + Delivering the Evidence
Who and what do we stand for? Structure and characteristics of good presentations / stories. Elevator Pitch. Creating visual support for the presentation. Tips, tricks and tools to increase the effectiveness of virtual performance / presentation. Personal preparation, presence, posture, language. The importance of rehearsing before the performance.

Module 12: 14.00 – 16.00
LeanCoffeeTable – Final discussion
Taking and addressing questions from participants (further topics, additional explanations, current problems and challenges) – answered by a larger group of experts / guests and the participants themselves. Support by the InnoLumni community and Lean Innovation Slovenia events.


Each module will last 2 hours, with a short break in between. There will be a one hour break between each module to get away from the screens. Early afternoon appointments allow participants to get some work done in the morning as well. Two consecutive days provide more training for the learner.
This format has been successfully tested several times.
The online format is especially friendly to participants who do not come from central Slovenia.


Benefits of completing Certification Program:

  • Competencies and knowledge
    Attending Certification Program equips participants with competencies and knowledge of a successful Master of Lean Innovation and makes them the innovation heart of the company.
  • Skills
    Upon completing the Certification Program the participants will have the skills and tools required to carry out different innovation activities to reach the desired company results, with maximum certainty and efficiency.
  • Practical cases
    Modules are carried out partly as a lecture and mostly by bringing a practical perspective to it. CorpoHub professionals will introduce first hand best practices as well as participants will be constantly invited to present their real business cases and share them with the rest of the group.

Learn from the best

Participants will have the opportunity to listen to best innovation projects: first-hand experience will be shared during the program through various company experts.

Chief Innovation Officer

Recommendations from past participants


“I liked the relaxed atmosphere and direct communication between the group and the facilitators, who were always available to us and ready to answer our questions. They really are a team that exemplifies agility and commitment to their mission, which is also ours. That is, to be the best Masters we can be. And innovation is a journey that never ends :).”

– Darja Ferčelj Temeljotov, Lek, strategic programs


“The main thing I gained, by attending the Certification program, is a new thinking framework. And with that also new tools, methods and ways of work development that will accelerate our development efforts and provide us with a bright future.”

– Boštjan Veber, Akrapovič, research


“I started using Kanban and Note & Vote at my work before we even finished the program. Five-day SPRINT switched the whole team to 6th gear and showed us how we can innovate, test and prepare prototypes quickly and efficiently. Enabling, proofing, repetitive prototype making and quick learning will lead me in the future, and the basis for this is of course falling in love with the challenges.”

– Larisa Potokar, Telekom Slovenije, CINO


“When we get our hands on the right approaches and tools – as in this program – introducing innovations and changes becomes a challenge. And solving the challenge with people and for people then becomes a pleasure.
To live with changes and at the same time enjoy it? Why not?”

– Zlatko Pflaum, Lek, project management


“By attending the program, I learned a number of new tools that help me deal with situations in all phases of teamwork on a daily basis. From brainstorming to finally implementing the right innovations.” “

– Mojca Brecelj, Generali

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  • After completing all 12 Modules, participants will be awarded with a »CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION«.
  • In case a participant is not able to attend one module, they can take the module in the next Master of Lean Innovation Program and receive a Certificate of Completion upon that. In case a participant wishes to attend only one or several modules, he or she can do that, after which the attendee will receive a »MLI Module Confirmation of Attendance«.

InnLumni Community

Individuals can create a lot more by collaborating and joining forces. Therefore, after completing all 12 modules, participants of Master of Lean innovation Program will become members of InnoLumni Commnunity. This way making connections between prospecting individuals will be a lot easier than ever before. Members will be added to a private WhatsApp group and be invited to InnoLumni Community events. This will allow everyone to share their unique sets of knowledge and experience with the rest of the group.

Our InnoLumni Community gathers experts from companies A1, Adria Mobil, Adria Dom, Akrapovič, BTC, Domel, Endava (prej Comtrade CDS), GEN-I , Generali zavarovalnica, Hidria, Iskra, Iskratel, Jata Emona, Kolektor, Lek/Novartis, Merkur Trgovina, Mladinska knjiga Založba, M Sora, Muflon, NLB, Petrol, Pošta Slovenije, Radeče papir nova, SRC, Steklarna Hrastnik, TPV Automotive, Zavarovalnica Sava, Zavarovalnica Triglav.

Meet the lecturers and experts

Loaded with vast amount of practical experience, CorpoHub experts will be guiding you through CINO Certification Program by sharing much appreciated knowledge, along with lessons and stories from their experiences over the past years working with numerous companies.

Participation fees

Master of Lean Innovation Certification Program (12 Modules)
Regular COVID-19 price (per person): 1.990 euro + VAT
Special Early bird offer* (per person): 1.590 euro + VAT
Attending only 1 selected module: 190 euro + VAT
Two or more participants from the same organization: 20% discount!

*Early bird closes 4 week before the event.

Yes, we do MLI Certification Program also In-house!

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