Management 3.0

Internationally certified workshop about the concept of Management 3.0, global revolution in management, will give you practical exercises and tools that you can use to manage your team in a better way. 25.000 certified attendees globally confirm that this is a concept that works and our team is among 420+ licences facilitators worldwide.

Results that you can expect:

  • Concrete tools for increased employee engagement (such as personal maps, feedback wraps and many more)
  • Understand new concept of leadership and get inspired for a better way of managing people
  • Motivate your team members, delegate better, manage complexity, change work culture, scale your team and shape organizational culture


  • Hands on approach with practical tools, that you will be ready to use the next day
  • Internationally proven concept with our CH partner, Voranc Kutnik, on board of directors of Management 3.0 concept
  • Set of 8 modules, that we can adapt to your needs
“I was not sure what to expect from the Management 3.0 training, but what I can say after attending the workshop is, it was a great introduction to Agile methods and practices. Voranc’s knowledge and enthusiasm on the topic creates an excellent environment for not only learning but also to gain an understanding on the subject matter. Incorporating practical exercises and relating to actual challenges faced by companies in adopting Agile, really does help to understand the complexities involved and how an organisation might deal with such challenges. I do recommend attending the course to comprehend the risks and rewards of adopting Agile Management practices.” – Ian James Donchi, Halcom

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