Management 3.0

Motivate your team members, delegate better, manage complexity, create a learning organization, scale the structure, and reshape your organizational culture with Management 3.0.

Management 3.0 is about the future of work. It is a global management revolution designed to inspire leaders, managers, and team members, who face the challenge of transforming their organizations to be more innovative and adaptive. With a unique combination of system thinking theory, growth mindset, and latest management tools and practices result in a new way of organizing work to achieve business goals while maintaining workers’ happiness as a priority.

For organizations to survive and win in this new area, they must respond to change with agility and speed. Management plays a vital role in this sense and response process, and without active leadership, successful changes won’t happen fast enough. That’s why Management 3.0 is redefining the definition of leadership with management as a group responsibility.

30.000 certified attendees globally confirm that this is a concept that works, and our team is among 475+ licenses facilitators worldwide.

management 3.0
management 3.0

Target audience

Everyone who wants to build and operate an agile organization. Especially: 

  • Executives/Founders/Senior Leaders -if you want to learn how to make the right choices and successfully transform into a more agile enterprise.
  • Team Leads/Managers – if you would like to make conscious choices about where and how to become agile.
  • Scrum Masters/Product Owners – if you want to become a change agent for your organization and successfully remove organizational impediments.

Types of workshops

#1 Management 3.0 Fundamentals Workshop – Original workshop that covers eight core modules and combines the best of classical thinking with a fresh approach and new insights (up to 20 participants, 2 days)

#2 Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop – Online workshop with adjusted modules, focusing on practices that are useful in remote teams  (up to 20 participants, 10 hours)

#3 Custom Management 3.0 Workshop – Specific topics like employee motivation, self-organizing teams, learning and development  (up to 20 participants, 1 – 4 hours)

In each type of workshop, a large part of the workshop is individual and teamwork with the exchange of opinions and experiences, with focused discussions and reflections. Workshops are professionally moderated, interactive, intense, challenging, and hands-on.

Workshops are supported by special tools and accessories, presentation slides, and examples of recommended literature and video content for in-depth research given to participants in the conclusion. The participants will also receive a copy of the material that is generated during the workshop. 


Halcom, NLB, Rokus Klett, Celtra, Lidl, Bankart

“I was not sure what to expect from the Management 3.0 training, but what I can say after attending the workshop is, it was a great introduction to Agile methods and practices. Voranc’s knowledge and enthusiasm on the topic creates an excellent environment for not only learning but also to gain an understanding on the subject matter. Incorporating practical exercises and relating to actual challenges faced by companies in adopting Agile, really does help to understand the complexities involved and how an organisation might deal with such challenges. I do recommend attending the course to comprehend the risks and rewards of adopting Agile Management practices.” – Ian James Donchi, Halcom

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