Management 3.0 Workshop

Management 3.0 Two-Day Foundation Workshop is a workshop about the future of work and management, designed to inspire leaders, managers and team members, who face the challenge of transforming their organizations to be more innovative and adaptive. It helps managers doing the right thing for their teams, involving everyone in improving the system and fostering employee engagement.

The workshop covers eight major topics, which are continually refined and supplemented with a strong focus on tools that attendees can use directly after attending the workshop. All events adhere to the following principles: theory and practice in small chunks; clear and effective visuals; inspiring stories and metaphors; fun games and exercises; focused group discussions; and concrete practices with tangible results.

We use original course materials and combine them with years of experience of implementing successful Agile transformations and coaching corporate leaders. All course participants will receive materials of the course exercises and an official Management 3.0 Certificate of Attendance upon completing this course.

DATEMay 16-17, 2019
September 26-27, 2019
LOCATIONRadisson Blu Plaza Hotel LjubljanaPRICE Regular: 949 € + VAT
Early bird: 799 € + VAT (before April 30, 2019)

Games and Exercises

Each of the eight modules includes at least one game or exercise. In small groups, attendees put into practice the ideas they’ve just learned. Sometimes the attendees play as different managers against each other. Sometimes they act together as one manager, sharing their thoughts while working on a problem.

Every social activity ends with a debrief and a discussion so that people can relate what they’ve learned to their own situation, and bring up questions and experiences to be addressed by the whole group.

Why Attend

Attend the workshop if you have the following challenges in your work:

  • How can we motivate our workers?
  • How can we change the organisation’s culture?
  • How can we change the mindset of managers?
  • How can we get teams to take responsibility?
  • How can we improve teamwork and collaboration?
  • How can we get managers to trust their teams?
  • How can we make the business more agile?

Target Audience

Management is not only the managers’ responsibility. It is everyone’s job! Management is too important to leave to the managers.

If you’re a team leader, development manager, delivery manager, middle manager, CEO, human resources manager, project manager, product owner, agile developer, scrum master, or want to be a great people leader regardless of title, this workshop is for you!




Early bird price: 799,00 EUR + VAT (before April 30th, 2019)
Regular price: 949,00 EUR + VAT

About the trainer

Voranc Kutnik is an agile enthusiast who thrives on working with teams and helping them embrace agile values and principles to build better products, faster. He is one of the leading agile experts in Slovenia with extensive experience in helping organizations to improve their agility through the implementation of Scrum.

He is a Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitators since 2012 and has years of experience in training, coaching and consulting in all aspects of agile leadership and product development. He does regular public workshops and private trainings for companies in Slovenia and foreign countries.

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