LEGO bricks fuel imagination, help teams develop innovative solutions and are an excellent tool for improving team relations, creating a company vision, or solving communication challenges among different departments.

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LEGO bricks fuel imagination and help teams come up with great innovative solutions. LEGO bricks are a great metaphor for team dynamics, team relations, sharing company vision, or solving internal communication challenges among different departments.
If you are looking for unique experiences and out-of-the-box solutions for your challenges, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop is the perfect answer.

Results that you can expect:

  • Create new innovative business solutions (building things using your hands will activate your brain in a totally different way – far from the usual brainstorming session)
  • identify aspirations and goals and help everyone crystallize and see what needs to be done in order to achieve them
  • Boosted sincere, fruitful communication among all team members
  • Empowered creative confidence in people and new skills gained


  • Everyone in a team gets to express their point of view in a safe way.
  • The consequences of the workshop are long-lasting due to psychological safety, created with the help of LEGO.
  • A creative way of working will connect team members, boost fun and collaboration.
  • The workshop is adapted towards solving a specific challenge (improving communication / generating and gathering ideas / engaging participants in a more innovative and agile way of thinking etc.).

” Thanks for the session that has delivered a real insight into how people think and feel about how we work and the culture we want to work in. After this session it’s much easier to understand the reactions of people from different departments and respond to it with a common goal in mind.” – Neža Kopač, Poclain Hydraulics

Duration: 2 hours – 2 days

Participants: up to 10 per 1 facilitator (parallel teams possible)

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