Leading Remote Teams

Keep your remote team aligned and motivated with appropriate tools and approaches and increase the level of trust among your team members.

To keep our business alive, many of us have recently faced a shift from office to remote work. For managers used to sharing an office with their employees, this can present quite a few challenges. In a study we carried out at CorpoHub, regarding leading remote teams, one of the interesting findings was that companies and leaders are not sufficiently prepared for working or leading people remotely (read details in Slovenian Managers About Their Challenges on Leading Remote Teams).
The time for embracing remote team leadership is now, so dig deeper into this virtual session for leaders on tools, approaches, and methods to successfully lead dislocated teams.

Target audience

Everyone who wants to embrace and adequately lead remote teams. Especially: 

  • Board members
  • Executives
  • Team Leads

Types of workshops

Leading Remote Teams Workshops are carried out via an online platform

  1. 2x 2,5 hours
  2. 3x 2,5 hours deep dive

Results that you can expect after the Leading Remote Teams online workshop:

  • Get acquainted with the remote environment, protocols, and practices.
  • Embrace the agile way of leadership, agile values, and approach.
  • Learn how and when to apply remote work tools.
  • How to set KPIs in a non-financial way.
  • Learn how to establish team agreements for a self-organized team that takes on the responsibilities.
  • Learn how to give remote feedback.
  • Learn how to sustain a fruitful remote leadership in the long run.


Telekom Slovenije, Nova KBM, Združenje Bank Slovenije (ZBS), SKB Banka – OTP

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