Jobs To Be Done

With a consistent Jobs to be done approach you can thoroughly improve existing products or create new products that customers really want and passionately use.

Increasingly rapid changes in markets and ways of doing business are making our products increasingly obsolete or even worthless. We need to fix them radically or create brand new ones. A classic and very intuitive approach is brainstorming, which only exceptionally solves our dilemma.
What about a step back or even two or three steps back? A step back is a systematic look at the product from the perspective of its business model. Two steps back is an in-depth look at the value proposition of the product (existing or potentially new). A further action back is a real understanding of “jobs to be done,” which our target user must do to get the desired value with as little effort as possible. Only when we truly understand “jobs to be done” can we start looking for solutions.

Jobs to be done workshops are 100% hands-on experiential workshops on how to improve existing products thoroughly (if we believe they have some potential) or create new products that customers want and will confirm with use and purchase/payment.

In the Jobs to be done approach, you design the best possible user experience/satisfaction. It is a life-real value creation process.

Shortest possible description in buzzwords:

Why and how to work with Business Model Canvas Plus, Value Proposition Canvas Plus and Jobs to be done frameworks in Design Thinking mindset and Lean Startup process.

Target audience

Everyone, who wants to build really-really good products or services. Especially: 

  • Product Owners/ Researchers – if you are looking for an actionable and repeatable tool-set to speed up product design.
  • UX Designers/Marketers/Engineers – all levels – if you want to learn a practical method to really understand your customers to re/build great products.

Types of workshops

#1 Jobs To Be Done Basics – Mindset and principles – (up to 12 participants, 2 hours)

#2 Jobs To Be Done Hands-on Workshops – Mindset and principles applied on real challenges (1 -3 product teams, 6 – 12 hours)

#3 Jobs To Be Done Project – Custom designed and delivered Hands-on Jobs to be done Project (1 product team, 10 – 20 hours) 

In each type of workshop, a large part of the workshop is individual and teamwork with the exchange of opinions and experiences, with focused discussions and reflections. Workshops are professionally moderated, interactive, intense, challenging, and hands-on.

Workshops are supported by special tools and accessories, presentation slides, and examples of recommended literature and video content for in-depth research given to participants in the conclusion. The participants will also receive a copy of the material that is generated during the workshop. 

We deliver Jobs to be done workshops (like any other) in an off-line or on-line format.

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“Customers don’t want your product or what it does; they want help making their lives better.” Alan Klement

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