InnoLumni – You grow, we grow! (regular community meetups)

We create a private community where we can share best practices, experiences and knowledge and also stories of failures and success in corporate lean innovation world.

The WHY is the fact that we were constantly hearing how everyone – including us! – craves for more information, more best practices and wants to take part in knowledge sharing. Topics include everything from innovation, lean, agile, start-ups, digital transformation, hackathons, internal innovation system to innovation days and everything closely related to our working fields.

DATESeptember 27, 2021LOCATIONZoom/onlinePRICEInvitation only
Free of charge

Regular »Invitation only« meetings

CorpoHub InnoLumni community meet-ups take place every 5-10 weeks at different innovative locations, also online, based on one specific (corporate lean innovation) theme. Each event starts with a short keynote intro, made by a priory selected guest speaker. Keynote talk is followed by asking questions, giving answers, sharing opinions and remarks, good and not so good stories. Open communication is encouraged. Speaker and participants are always carefully selected in regards to the topic of the meeting. Everyone is aware of the confidentiality of data/information sharing.

Who is a part of CorpoHub InnoLumni community?

Members of the InnoLumni community can become participants in different Lean Innovation trainings, our most extensive programs, which we run in the range of 24 – 32 hours. The members are directors of development, innovation (CINO), marketing, business development from major Slovenian companies and subsidiaries.


Members come from companies: A1, Adria Mobil, Adria Dom, Akrapovič, BTC, Domel, Endava (prej Comtrade CDS), GEN-I , Generali zavarovalnica, Hidria, Iskra, Iskratel, Jata Emona, Kolektor, Lek/Novartis, Merkur Trgovina, Mladinska knjiga Založba, M Sora, Muflon, NLB, Petrol, Pošta Slovenije, Radeče papir nova, SRC, Steklarna Hrastnik, TPV Automotive, Zavarovalnica Sava, Zavarovalnica Triglav.


Next/Past InnoLumni meetups:

29. 11. 2021 @Zoom/online
Speed Topic #3: Slowness, calmness and thoughtfulness plus openness and responsiveness of top leadership. The speed of innovation strategizing.

25. 10. 2021 @Zoom/online
Speed Topic #2: Speed of innovation management. Investment size and maturity. The speed of killing bad ideas.

27. 9. 2021 @Zoom/online
Speed Topic #1: The speed of innovation practice. Speed of daily and weekly team learning. Speed of experimentation.

23. 8. 2021 @Zoom/online
Topic: What is the right speed of innovation. For inspiration: “Včasih smučam hit, včasih pa počas!

25. 3. 2021 @Zoom/online
Topic: PRO & CONTRA for non/moderated ways of brainstorming.
Besides a short pro & con debate, we will discuss Process Hack (physical and online implementation) together with Špela Zakotnik from Petrol. You all want Quick Wins and Process Hack could help you with that.

12. 2. 2021 @Zoom/online
Topic: InnoLumni Summit after Lean Innovaton Summit 2021: sharing information, knowledge and experience gained at the annual conference >>.

17. 12. 2020 @Zoom/online
Topic: Our best personal practices of gaining new knowledge and experience on lean corporate innovation in 2020 and creating mutual incentives for 2021. Appendix: Informal pre-New Year’s gathering.

22. 10. 2020 @Zoom/online
Topic: What can be done to ensure that top management “fights” for the introduction of the innovation system and not “staff” in departments that are constantly fighting for relevance and importance in top management? Appendix: A Short Report on Innovation Funnel and Jobs To Be Done Experiments. Mingling in environment.

27. 8. 2020 @Zoom/online
Topic: What do we already manage to do SYSTEMATICALLY in our company in the field of lean innovation? What are our ambitions for the time until the end of the year?
Introductory InnoLumni kick-off meeting.


…. previous CorpoHub ExCHange meetups …

4.6.2018 @ Ljubljana
Topic: Idea Box Challenges – Do’s and don’ts
Keynote: Tina Pižmoht, Kolektor.

16.5.2018@ Podim conference, Maribor
Topic: How to blast through silo mentality to create a culture of experimentation?
Keynote Speaker: Johannes Naumann, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Germany

16.4. 2018 @Ljubljana
Topic: Getting the support of management for innovation.
Keynote Speaker: Aleš Ponikvar, Big Bang.


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