IDEAS – Creativity 4 Productivity

An experiential workshop, where the main ideation techniques are presented in one place on three levels: strategic, operational and creative.

Creating new ideas and concepts is the core of all innovation processes, all transformations and all major or minor changes you need or want to make.

It is not good to leave ideas to coincidences or flashbacks under the shower, or to idea boxes in the hallways or to simple classic brainstorming. It is not wise to leave them only to management or innovation departments. It makes sense to actively moderate the processes of ideation, which can take place in almost any work situation.

There are many ways to good ideas and some of the most useful will be presented and experienced in the 6-hour workshop, which is roughly divided into strategic, operational and creative parts.

Creative intelligence = understand, interpret and act with imagination.
On all three levels!

DATEOctober 13, 2022LOCATIONLjubljanaPRICE Regular price: 290 € + VAT
Early bird: 260 € + VAT

(2 weeks before the event)

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