HR goes Agile Meetup

Agile is basically a way of thinking about how organizations should respond to a complex and changing world. By increasingly developing flexibility and adaptability, work in short feedback loops, providing autonomy and transparency increases learning and value creation for the customer. More and more organizations are now seeing the value in applying the agile mindset also in HR, both in the internal work but perhaps most importantly how an HR department helps to support an organization’s agility. When traditional processes focus on command and control, an agile HR-functions role is to create value and support unique needs.

That is why we decided to create a private HR community where we can share best practices, experiences, and knowledge.

DATEMarch 3, 2020
14h - 16h
LOCATIONLjubljana @CorpoHub Innovation OfficePRICEInvitation only
Free of charge

»Invitation only« meetings

HR goes Agile community meet-ups are a great opportunity to become familiar with approaches that help HR support the gradual change of culture within the company. Keynote talk is followed by asking questions, giving answers, sharing opinions and remarks, good and not so good stories. Open communication is encouraged. Participants are always carefully selected. Everyone is aware of the confidentiality of data/information sharing.


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