Learn how to develop a transparent feedback culture, where feedback is not just a tool but everyone’s responsibility.

When we work together, remote or in the office, we notice so many things about our coworkers. Their strengths, weaknesses, how they see the world. But how often do we share our thoughts about them? What could our team achieve if it would be okay to give each other feedback regularly? By developing a culture where feedback is not just a tool but everyone’s responsibility, we will create a transparent and trustful company culture.

Workshop content:

  • Analyzing the status quo in a team via survey: virtual workspace or face-to-face
  • Developing your team and establishing a safe environment even though that means going out of your comfort zone.
  • You will perform a facilitated session of giving and receiving positive and negative feedback with the whole team.
  • Team agreement for the next steps to grow a transparent feedback culture giving & plan for follow up.

Target audience

Everyone who wants to learn how to give feedback successfully, especially: 

  • Team leaders
  • Team members

Types of workshops

  • Half-day workshop (virtual or on-line)
  • Full-day workshop (virtual or on-line)
comfort zone

Regular feedback will certainly boost team self-awareness and uncover personal blind spots. If you think that your team is mature enough, you can try to have a demo session, following these golden rules for giving and receiving feedback. Otherwise, you can reach out to us by filling the form below, and our experienced facilitators will help you create an environment in which it is okay to give feedback. After the session, each team member will gain a higher level of self-awareness, and the relationships and collaboration between team members will improve.

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