Facilitating Remote Workshops

Get acquainted with tools and techniques to deliver a productive and energetic online workshop and improve your online facilitation skills.

Remote workshops are slowly but steadily gaining popularity, especially for its practicality. But there is a significant difference between facilitating a face-to-face session or an online one. And we are often not aware of all the essentials needed to execute a productive and engaging online workshop.

Our group of experienced and skilled trainers will give you all the tips and tricks for designing a digital yet human experience that helps people of all kinds speak up, generate ideas, solve problems, share opinions and make decisions.

Target audience

Everyone who wants to deliver effective and fun online workshops. Especially: 

  • HR Development professional – if you want to deliver your development themes through fun and effective online workshops.
  • Subject Matter Experts – if you want to deliver your expert topics through fun and effective online workshops.
  • Team Leads – if you want to deliver your team themes and topics through fun and effective online workshops.

Types of workshops

Facilitating Remote Workshops – Online workshop – (15 participants, 3 x 3 hours)

A large part of the workshop is individual and teamwork with the exchange of opinions and experiences, with focused discussions and reflections. Workshops are professionally moderated, interactive, intense, challenging, and hands-on.

Workshops are supported by special tools and accessories, presentation slides, and examples of recommended literature and video content for in-depth research given to participants in the conclusion. The participants will also receive a copy of the material that is generated during the workshop. 


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