Design Sprint

With Design Sprint, you can accelerate and simplify the design process, answer critical business questions, prototype, and test your ideas in just five days.

The Design Sprint* gives you a superpower: you can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making an expensive commitment (and/or investments).
The intimacy and speed of the sprint allow larger companies to be more agile. Challenging assumptions, focusing on the user, and maintaining an experimental mindset means that products, features, and services are all validated quickly and with minimal risk.
Working in a Design Sprint format, you can shortcut the endless debate cycles and compress months of time into a few days. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good, you’ll get clear data from a very realistic prototype relatively quickly. This approach utilizes a Design Thinking mindset.

* The Design Sprint is an innovative methodology developed by Jake Knapp and the UX specialists of Google Ventures.  It is a worldwide recognized method to accelerate and simplify the design process of a product, a strategy or any new business idea.

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Types of workshops

#1 Design Sprint Demo Session – Lightning Decision Jam (5-9 participants, 2 – 4 hours)

#2 Design Sprint Project – Solving real business challenge (5-7 participants, 5 consecutive days + preparation & follow up)

#3 Design Sprint Facilitation Workshop – Learn how to run sprints with your team (up to 12 participants, who form two Sprint teams, 2 consecutive days)

In each type of workshop, a large part of the workshop is individual and teamwork with the exchange of opinions and experiences, with focused discussions and reflections. Workshops are professionally moderated, interactive, intense, challenging, and hands-on.

Workshops are supported by special tools and accessories, presentation slides, and examples of recommended literature and video content for in-depth research given to participants in the conclusion. The participants will also receive a copy of the material that is generated during the workshop. 

We deliver Design Sprint workshops (like any other) in an off-line or on-line format.

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A1, Atlantic Grupa, Petrol, Telekom Slovenia, Zavarovalnica Sava …

“The Design Sprint experience is invaluable to all of us who deal with the end-users of our services. It gave us a unique insight into the process of focusing on the end-user. The intensity of work resulted in a number of larger and smaller pivots of initial bid value, which we achieved by working in a mixed insurance-startup team and based on interviews and prototype testing. The greatest added value is certainly in cooperation with “different” collaborators, those outside the industry, young, enthusiastic, and full of ideas, but always under the baton of an excellent team of mentors.” – Blaž Klinar, Director of Development Life, Health & Accident Insurance, Zavarovalnica Sava


“The Design Sprint experience has given us inspiration for future work. We are especially happy that in just 5 days of working together with the startup team and with the help of mentors, we gained important insights from end-users.” – Karmen Madjar, Innovation and Strategic Marketing, Zavarovalnica Sava


“The Design Sprint experience has taught me how, with focused thinking and the collaboration of experts from different fields, we can get from a first idea to a prototype in just five days. And this one can be completely different than we first imagined. ” – Nevenka Žiberna Remic, Telekom Slovenije

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