Design Sprint 2.0 Bootcamp 2-day facilitation workshop

The workshop is fast-paced, hands-on, time-boxed, and immersive.
In 2 intensive days, you’ll learn and practice different ideation techniques and the best methods to empathize with your customers, e.g. User Story Mapping, Lightning Demos, Sketching, Prototyping and Customer Interviews.

The Design Sprint* gives you a superpower: you can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making an expensive commitment (and/or investments). Working in a Design Sprint format, you can shortcut the endless debate cycle and compress months of time into a few days. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good, you’ll get clear data from a very realistic prototype relatively quickly. In other words, Design Sprint is Design Thinking on steroids.

DATENovember 27-28. 2019LOCATIONTehnološki park LjubljanaPRICE Regular: 690€ + VAT
Early bird: 590 € + VAT (30 days before)

At the Design Sprint bootcamp, you will learn how to revolutionize the way your team answers critical business questions, jump starts projects, and defines marketing and growth strategies.

Type of workshop: Moderated, interactive, intense, challenging, and hands-on.
Participants: A small group of about 12 participants, who form two Sprint teams.
Duration: 2 consecutive days, from 9.00 – 16.00.


With the Design Sprint 2.0 approach, you will compresses potentially months of work into a few days.

With Design Sprint 2.0 process you can answer the most critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas/products with real customers. In just a 4-day process you will find out and learn how rapidly solve big challenges, create new products, or improving existing ones.

At the Design Sprint bootcamp, you will learn how to run and execute the Design Sprint 2.0.
It’s an improved 4-day version of the original 5-day GV Design Sprint.
In two intense days, you’ll learn and practice different ideation techniques and the best methods to empathize with your customers.

Design Sprint Bootcamp content:

2-day workshop from 9.00 – 16.00: In two days you will learn and experience how to perform and execute Design Sprint facilitation on a pre-set example.

#Day 1

  • Background of the Design Sprint
  • Design Sprint Core principles
  • SPRINT – Define the challenge and understanding the problem
  • Set goals and sprint questions, learn how to use tools (HMW, Can We, Expert interviews, setting a goal & sprint questions, Map & Target
  • SPRINT – ideation – Producing solutions
  • Lightning demos and 4 part sketching (Note taking, Ideas, Crazy 8’s, concept)
  • Deeper, specific questions – Q&A

Understanding the challenge, creating team ambitions, identifying barriers, aligning/focusing the team. (Tools used: Vision Canvas, User Persona, Customer Journey Map, Experts and HMW, Note & Vote.)

Researching existing solutions, creating individual solutions in time-tightened conditions, selecting the most appropriate solution, preparing a prototype and test script. (Tools used: Lightning Demos, Remix and Improve, Sketching, Storyboard.)

#Day 2

  • LDJ / Lightening decision jam
  • Sprint – vote on solutions using tools and techniques: Heat map vote, Solution presentation, Straw poll vote, and decider vote
  • Sprint – the storyboard, using tools and techniques: The user test flow and storyboarding the prototype
  • Sprint prototyping: principles & the best practices of prototyping
  • Iterative approach to problem-solving – what follows after the Design Sprint
  • Individual reflection with wrap up on Design Sprint results and Design Sprint process – creation of personal “sprint” action plans

The greater part of the workshop is individual and teamwork with the exchange of opinions and experiences, with focused discussions and reflections.

Workshop is supported by PowerPoint slides and examples of good literature for in-depth research that are given to participants in the conclusion.
The participants will also receive a copy of the content that is generated during the workshop.

During the workshop healthy snacks, drinks and lunch are provided.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Learn how to prepare for a sprint
  • Learn and experience how to make the sprint map without hassle
  • Learn and experience how to sketch ideas effectively and creatively
  • Learn and experience how to decide without wasting time on discussion
  • Learn and experience how to make a complete storyboard in 4 steps
  • Learn how to build any prototype in a day
  • Learn how to execute user interviews and tests seamlessly
  • Learn how to follow up on the sprint results
  • You also receive a booklet with key takeout notes.


Where can participants use these techniques?

With the workshop, you will get the right knowledge and some first-hand experience to drive high-impact innovation processes inside your team/organization.

    • Create concepts and ideas to new products, services, and processes
    • Validate these concepts and ideas
    • Solve human challenges in the organization
    • Answer the set sprint questions

Who should attend?

Everyone who wants to build better products or services, faster. Especially:

  • Executives/Founders/Product Owners/ Researchers – if you want to learn a practical method to really understand your customers, your opportunities.
  • UX Designers/Marketers/Engineers – all levels – if you are looking for an actionable and a repeatable design process to speed up product development.
  • Team Leads/Managers/Sprint Pros/Teachers – if you would like to improve your facilitation techniques for sprints, workshops, and meetings.

This workshop is NOT for those wanting to sit back and listen to theory. This workshop is for those who want to learn by doing. So come prepared to work hard in an intense, hands-on, collaborative setting.

The intimacy and speed of the Design Sprint allow larger companies to be more agile. Challenging assumptions, focusing on the user, and maintaining an experimental mindset means that products, features, and services are all validated quickly and with minimal risk.


The facilitator:

Enej Gradišek (Acceleration manager)

  • Design Sprint evangelist,
  • Certified ScrumMaster® and Design Sprint 2.0 mentor.
  • Helping you discover the right customer-value fit.
  • Doing the right thing, before doing it right.



Petrol, Atlantic Grupa, IPPS, various ministries (public sector)


What should I bring to the event?
A laptop or tablet.

Are the tickets transferable?
Yes. If you need to request a ticket transfer, please email
But! All requests must be made 72 hours prior to the event.

Should I come as an individual or as a team?
Both individuals and company teams are encouraged to attend. As an individual, you don’t get to be a loner at the workshop. Individuals will work together with a team of people from different companies. In this way, the workshop will be valuable for both individuals and groups.

Are there any team discounts?
Yes, there are team discounts. Companies sending more than 2 people qualify for a team discount.


*The Design Sprint is an innovative methodology developed by Jake Knapp and the UX specialists of Google Ventures. It is a worldwide recognized method to accelerate and simplify the design process of a product, a strategy or any new business idea.

Yes, we also do an In-house Design Sprint Program !

Would you like to organize an In-house Design Sprint program only for the employees of your company?

Send a request for tailor-made Design Sprint meeting at your premises: or


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