Delivering Effective Live Online Workshops

This interactive live online workshop will help you build your skills and give you the opportunity to improve the way you design and deliver effective live online training and workshops – particularly useful for times and environments affected by COVID-19 risk mitigation efforts.

Due to a strong focus on understanding how people act, behave and consume information and knowledge in an online environment, you will gain hands-on experience and also feedback from trainers in a practical and playful learning environment.

With this program, you will become great at online training design, and you will know how to use different tools and methods specifically developed for live remote online training situations. First, you will boost your live online delivery and facilitation skills and understand the subtleties of how people act and learn differently on the other side of the computer screen. Second, you will also learn how to properly communicate with your remote workshop attendees and how to manage glitches and unforeseen events. You will practice your training skills in a safe environment in a small group (up to 10 participants), that will enable a truly interactive and personalized approach. And finally, you will deliver an actual workshop and get feedback from professional trainers and co-participants, shape your identity, and boost your confidence as an online trainer.



Thursdays from 14h -16h online (on your own computer).

Dates to be announced


Module 1: Setting the stage, rules, and guidelines for online communication and collaboration. Needed online trainer’s competencies and basic online technology landscape and prerequisites. By establishing a basic set of guidelines for working online together, we can remove costly misunderstandings. You will get to know common communication protocols for remote working, including team etiquettes, virtual trust, and defining normal behavior.

Module 2: Online training design. A process of designing online training step by step. Learn methodology, know when to use different tools and methods, and learn how to connect everything in a perfect flow. Special focus will be put on increasing the feeling of togetherness in remote online teams by creating an enjoyable virtual workspace – by combating the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. We will look at best practices and tools for seamless online collaboration, including productive virtual office setup, mastering remote communication, making the best of time zones, making work visible to remote teams and techniques for virtual team building.

Module 3: Professional online facilitation. Learn how to set up and facilitate online workshops and meetings to get the most engagement and interaction from the team. Choosing and effectively using online meeting technology, common communication protocols for effective remote meetings, facilitating interaction and participation, minimizing distractions and multi-tasking. Tips and tricks to look and sound great online, setting up an engaging online meeting space, options for hybrid meetings, psychological safety in online sessions, and online etiquettes.


After completing all 3 modules, participants will be awarded a “CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION – Delivering Effective Live Online Workshops”.


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CorpoHub trainers will guide you through the Delivering Effective Live Online Workshops. They will share their knowledge and practical experience over the past years. Due to their work with numerous different groups, developing long term training programs, facilitating discussions and delivering one on one coaching sessions, we are definite you will get the most out of the certification possible.

Participation fees

Delivering Effective Live Online Workshops (3 modules, 6 hours of online training)

Regular price: 450 EUR + VAT

Two or more participants from the same organization: 10 % discount!

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