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Looking for ways to empower your team to express gratitude and compliments among themselves, encourage collaboration and feel appreciated at a daily basis?

Pohvalnice represents a symbol of gratitude for someone’s good job or thanking them for giving you at hand with something, which at the same time promotes internal motivation of team members. It is a written (and also read) public acknowledgement and recognition of a colleague for something someone did and made things easier and better.

Because top-bottom praise is seriously outdated

Pohvalnice cards extend beyond hierarchy limits and encourage everyone to practice an even more open and friendly communication and collaboration. Compliments using Pohvalnice thus do not only flow in the vertical direction from the leaders towards their team, but also offer an opportunity to express honest gratitude to anyone inside or outside a team or departments.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie


Wondering how to make co-workers feel appreciated – and why that’s important?

Satisfied and highly motivated individuals who build strong and effective teams create a new value and bring a competitive advantage to the market. Strong and effective teams consist of individuals who are aware of the importance, power and the impact of high-quality interpersonal relationships on work performance. The future, therefore, belongs to an environment that embraces honesty, gratitude and encouraging words.

Even small gestures between team members can significantly contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere, a satisfied and creative environment, and a climate based on cooperation. A sincere »Thank you!« can make someone’s whole day better! And that’s where Pohvalnice cards come in handy!

“A nice word finds a nice place. – An old Slovene proverb


What’s the magic behind Pohvalnice?

By using Pohvalnice, each team member will have the opportunity to share a positive experience with co-workers and by doing that transform the culture and climate of your organization into a more positive one.

Pohvalnice were inspired by Kudo Cards, a Management 3.0 practice used worldwide by all sorts of companies and organizations.


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Pohvalnice comes included with certain workshops organized by CorpoHub. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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