CINO Certification Program by CorpoHub

The demand for Chief Innovation Officers is on the rise, but companies are having problems finding people who possess the characteristics, traits, experiences, and knowledge that make a great CINO!

CINO is a person who drives innovation across the whole company, beyond the traditional borders. CINO actively explores the company’s new territories by leveraging innovation intelligence, experimentation, and ideation. Innovation is becoming a top priority for companies that are looking to increase their revenues and prevent the decline of the demand for their products and services from the market!

The CINO Certification Program by CorpoHub is offering a great learning opportunity for both companies, wanting to become or remain successful in the future, as well as individuals, who do not want to miss this unique opportunity to stand out by offering something more, something that the market needs and wants – CINO competencies!

Welcome to CINO Certification program!

DATENovember 12, 2019 - January 21, 2020LOCATIONTehnološki park LjubljanaPRICERegular: 3.200 € + VAT
Early bird: 2.900 € + VAT
Single module: 450 € + VAT

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CINO Certification Program Outline

CINO Certification is to get the latest knowledge and to build state of the art competencies on corporate innovation challenges.

M1 – ABOUT CINO: 360 CINO degrees – 12.11.2019
Course content:
Part 1: About the CINO role, potential impact and value in the company, CINO fields of work, Creating or transforming the Innovation Culture, Getting acquainted with basic CINO tools.
Part 2: Envisioning the Chief Innovation Officer role using Lego Serious Play method.

M2 – AGILE WORK METHODS: Agile, Scrum and Management 3.0 – 18.11.2019
Course content:
Part 1: The Agile Mindset, Values, Principles, and Practices for Innovative and Self-organizing Teams.
Part 2: Scrum Framework, Management 3.0 Practices, and Cynefin framework.

Course content:
Part 1: Creativity booster, building creative confidence, Crafting The Right Environment, Creativity toolbox, Creativity boosting techniques, Creative traits, Deliberately Creative Culture, Creative Mindset.
Part 2: Creating a psychologically safe environment, Team alignment, Personal maps, Aligning a cross-functional team, Appraisal, Retrospectives, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, Emotional Intelligence, Belbin team roles, Team Strengths Focus Development.

Course content:
Part 1: Ideation formats – Hackathon, Innovation Day – how to do it properly?
Part 2: Pitching the Promise, Delivering the Evidence – Owning ideas and projects, gathering moral and material support from the stakeholders and personal experience with pitching ideas/opportunities.

M5 – DESIGN THINKING – 3.12.2019
Course content:
Part 1: About the Design Thinking process and the use of possible approaches/tools for implementation.”Design team”, working together – alone, iterations.
Part 2: Simulation of the design thinking process on the case of improving the service with 5 steps (Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test).

Course content:
Part 1: The Lean Startup Basics, Business Model Canvas Plus, Value Proposition Canvas Plus, All about Assumptions, Investment Readiness Level, Growth hacking.
Part 2: Playing Lean II simulation, Pivoting, MVPs.

Course content:
Part 1: Strategic gaps and Innovation portfolio management, Entrepreneurship as the Missing Function, Accountability-Process-Culture-People, Metered funding, Growth boards, Innovation at scale, What does a truly modern company look like?
Part 2: Envisioning your own Innovation Engine roadmap, Final reflection and wrap up + Welcome to Corporate Innovators Community.

M8 – Lean Innovation SUMMIT – 21.1.2020
Attendance of CorpoHub (full day) yearly conference: Lean Innovation Summit.

Each Module will last from 13h – 17h during the week and takes place in Tehnološki Park Ljubljana. Each participant will be given some material prior to every Module.

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Benefits of completing CINO Certification Program:

  • Competencies and knowledge
    Attending CINO Certification Program equips participants with competencies and knowledge of a successful CINO and makes them the innovation heart of the company.
  • Skills
    Upon completing the CINO Certification Program the participants will have the skills and tools required to carry out different innovation activities to reach the desired company results, with maximum certainty and efficiency.
  • Practical cases
    Modules are carried out partly as a lecture and mostly by bringing a practical perspective to it. CorpoHub professionals will introduce first hand best practices as well as participants will be constantly invited to present their real business cases and share them with the rest of the group.

Learn from the best

Participants will have the opportunity to listen to best innovation projects: first-hand experience will be shared during the program through various company experts, CINO’s and CEO’s.

Recommendations from past participants

“I started using Kanban and Note & vote at my work before we even finished the CINO Academy. Five-day SPRINT switched the whole team to 6th gear and showed us how we can innovate, test and prepare prototypes quickly and efficiently. Enabling, proofing, repetitive prototype making and quick learning will lead me in the future, and the basis for this is of course falling in love with the challenges.”

– Larisa Potokar, Telekom Slovenije, CINO

“I am convinced that CINO will be among the most sought-after and desirable positions in the future. CorpoHub team has prepared a great experience for us, therefore I will be able to use the acquired knowledge at my work. Innovation and tools such as Kanban, Scrum and Sprint will help me respond to changes even more quickly and effectively. You are great. Thank you.”

– Tinkara Fortuna, Telekom Slovenije, sales

“The CINO Certification Program was a great experience for me. The program was interesting as well as engaging. It covers many aspects of the process of generating ideas and building products. Among other things I learned a lot about good practices when working on new ideas/products, what are the caveats, how to manage efforts as well as things related to the human aspect of innovation. I will gladly recommend it to anyone whose work is related to innovation.”

– Jan Rupnik, Qlector, research

“I applied to the CINO program due to my desire for new knowledge, a different way of solving problems, and especially, to change my mindset. The Corpohub team exceeded my expectations and thanks to the program I became Agile and Lean enthusiast. The book The Startup Way is a new replacement for movies and series on TV before bedtime. My favourite quote: “Going agile all the way, is the best way!” “

– Vlado Begović, Tehnološki park Ljubljana

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  • After completing all 8 Modules, participants will be awarded with a »CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION«.
  • In case a participant is not able to attend one module, they can take the module in the next CINO Certification Program Generation and receive a Certificate of Completion upon that. In case a participant wishes to attend only one or several modules, he or she can do that, after which the attendee will receive a »CINO Module Confirmation of Attendance«.

CINO Alumni Community

Individuals can create a lot more by collaborating and joining forces. Therefore, after completing all 8 modules, participants of CINO Certification Program will become members of CINO Alumni Community. This way making connections between prospecting individuals will be a lot easier than ever before. Members will be added to a special CINO social platform and be invited to CINO Alumni Community events. This will allow everyone to share their unique sets of knowledge and experience with the rest of the group.

Meet the lecturers and experts

Loaded with vast amount of practical experience, CorpoHub experts will be guiding you through CINO Certification Program by sharing much appreciated knowledge, along with lessons and stories from their experiences over the past years working with numerous companies.

Participation fees

CINO Certification Program (8 Modules)
Regular price per person: 3.200 euro + VAT
Special Early bird offer* (per person): 2.900 euro + VAT
Attending only 1 selected module: 450 euro + VAT
Two or more participants from the same organization: 10% discount!

*Early bird closes 14 days before the event.

Yes, we do CINO Certification Program also In-house!

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