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Ever wondered why some meetings just don’t seem to flow, why a boss or a coworker declines every idea that is put on the table? And other times, everything just clicks and your team comes to an agreement in no time? Is your organisation experiencing these two scenarios – with the same team members in both situations?

What if we told you, other people’s reactions might not have anything to do with you and a lot to do with how their day went before everyone even stepped into the conference room? We bet you’d try harder to understand their reactions, plus, it would be easier for you to not take it personally if you knew more about the mood they brought along with them to a meeting.

“Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.” – Neil Gaiman

Foster more empathy among your coworkers and make meetings more effective!

There are two different ways of using CorpoHub Check-In cards. In both cases each person gets 3 cards prior to a meeting, event or a workshop.

#1 – Share your current mood with the rest of the room in 3 seconds

Keep your cards in the conference / meeting room or bring them with you whenever you are organizing meeting / workshop / event. Start the gathering by giving everyone a couple of seconds to pick a card, based on how they are currently feeling – green for feeling great and excited to start a meeting, red for feeling stressed and unable to function normally (whether you had problems at home, bumped into traffic or whatever that influenced your day in a bad way) and yellow represents something in between. If they want everyone has an opportunity to shortly share the reason behind their color.

This short mood scanning-sharing enhances understanding and increases empathy between people which makes the rest of the meeting or an event way more effective.


#2 – Prevent your meetings from becoming too long or unfocused

Politely invite a speaker to stop their discussion when you feel it lost its focus or that they are getting too much into detail – simply by showing them the red card. Of course you can also use yellow or green to imply the opposite. The more you use Check-In cards, the more everyone feels comfortable showing or being shown the red card and keep your meetings focused, short and sweet.


If you would like to start using CorpoHub Check-In cards at your meetings or events, feel free to contact us.

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