Business Hackathon

Hackathon is a special high energy event, where teams of diverse participants are looking for testable solutions to specific business and technical challenges. Solutions are in the form of early stage concepts and best among them are worthy of further investment and improvements.

When you are establishing open, effective and collaborative innovation culture in your company and you would love to do that in motivational, engaging way, hackathon is the way to go. Fun, empowering and effective in bringing on new business ideas or potential employees.

Results that you can expect:

  • Concrete, testable solutions for your business challenges
  • Developing lean and agile mindset among your employees
  • Boosted motivation among your employees by empowering them to contribute to co-creation of new business solutions.


  • We have experience with a wide range of hackathons: internal or external business hackathons, international hackathons, HR hackathons, IT hackathons, talent recruitmentment hackathons
  • Our experienced mentors and facilitators help with the efficiency of ideation process
  • Employees gain new competencies: developing ideas, pitch preparation, presenting the idea.

“How do you boost creativity and collaboration, when solving challenges in genetics? International biotech hackathon was the answer for us –  CorpoHub team created an inspiring and motivational environment, structured to generate new ideas, bring the best out of people and recruit new potential members of our team.” Marko Bitenc, GenePlanet

“CH workshop was an energy booster in our company. We connected with our co-workers from different sectors, learned to persist even if we fail the first time and mentors successfully pushed us out of our comfort zones. We began to think more openly, differently and most importantly – more positively. This is exactly the culture I want to see in our company and my experience was incredible.” – Bojana Bauerheim, Telekom

Participants: up to 50 participants

Duration: 2 days

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