Agile Leadership

In order to respond to the fast changing markets and make your teams collaborate in a quicker and a more efficient way, we need to develop a new way of working. In VUCA world, new leadership style is required. First of all, the one that understands the meaning of psychological safety in the team. Second, the one that goes into a servant leadership role that boosts self-organization. And finally, the one that promotes agile mindset. Old school directive management and leadership practices simply don’t work in today’s fast and complex world and agile leadership is the answer.

Results that you can expect:

  • Shift the mindset of your (leadership) team and consequently create the conditions for new behaviour
  • Understand Cynefin, psychological safety and other concepts that will allow you to fully embrace VUCA environment
  • Find concrete ways to foster self-organization
  • Get a clear picture of team dysfunctions and how do best teams operate together
  • And above all, understand basics of agile methods and agile culture.


  • Receive hands-on tools that will help you develop agile mindset inside of your company
  • Let the team embrace agile principles and jump into the new area of leadership
  • Gain a few tools from Management 3.0 concept, that you can implement right away.
  • Get inspired by Jurgen Appelo – check out his TEDx talk Managing for Happiness.


Participants: 5 – 20

Duration: half day or full day workshop

agile leadership
agile leadership

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