Clarifying your Innovation Strategy and develop the organizational structures and capabilities you need to support an open, collaborative and distributed model of innovation. Carefully curating internal and external Business Hackathons, Idea Craftings and Innovation Days aimed at solving your specific business challenges or expanding your R&D portfolio with innovative concepts. Mentoring your teams to capture real customer feedback at an early stage of the Customer Development cycle in order to minimize waste and maximize value. Setting metrics for your innovation priorities, navigating your future growth and competitive advantages.Opening your innovation activities to all valuable stakeholders, reinventing also your Intrapreneurial Programs.

comfort zone

Jump out of your comfort zone

When we work together, we notice so many things about our coworkers, their strengths, their weaknesses, their model of the world. How often do we share them? What could our team…

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Design Thinking

Have you ever wondered how to launch a new product, features or service with minimal risk and have you considered why some companies succeed with their campaigns? Design Thinking…

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Creativity & collaboration booster

Creativity represents one of the core competencies of every agile team. However, most teams lack time to be creative, they lack collaboration, that would allow true innovation and…

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Process Hack

Business processes are almost entirely about people and when we decide to optimize the process, we need a big picture view: connecting all important stakeholdering from every part…

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Business Hackathon

When you are establishing open, effective and collaborative innovation culture in your company and you would love to do that in motivational, engaging way, hackathon is the way to…

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Design Sprint

When launching a new product or service, we tend to run in endless debate cycles and we can spend months talking about it – which is quite expensive and inefficient. With…

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With certified lego serious play workshop, LEGO bricks fuel imagination and help teams come up with great innovative solutions. LEGO bricks are a great metaphor for team dynamics,…

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Playing Lean

Business game, where your team will learn how to use their scarce resources in the best possible way with the ambition to rule the market in 30 business turns. With Playing Lean you wil introduce…

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pitching and effective presentations

Pitching and effective presentations

The success of you presenting your idea or project mostly depends on the way you present it. Storytelling, TED elements (emotional, novel, memorable), pitching know-how, nonverbal…

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how to workshop

How to workshop a workshop

Sharing your knowledge as a trainer in a meaningful way, delivering participants exactly what they need through a workshop, is an art. With skills of training design, methodology,…

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Startup team coaching

Early stage Startup teams – be it internal in a big organization or independent “garage” team – need guidance and coaching in their early steps in their Customer…

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