Clarifying your Innovation Strategy and develop the organizational structures and capabilities you need to support an open, collaborative and distributed model of innovation. Carefully curating internal and external Business Hackathons, Idea Craftings and Innovation Days aimed at solving your specific business challenges or expanding your R&D portfolio with innovative concepts. Mentoring your teams to capture real customer feedback at an early stage of the Customer Development cycle in order to minimize waste and maximize value. Setting metrics for your innovation priorities, navigating your future growth and competitive advantages.Opening your innovation activities to all valuable stakeholders, reinventing also your Intrapreneurial Programs.

Process Hack

CorpoHub Process Hack is a workshop with which a certain, more complex project within a company gets optimized. Stakeholders that are included in this process consist of everyone…

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Business Hackathons

It’s not just an ordinary business competition. It’s a state of mind. Hackathon is a special high energy event, where teams of diverse participants are looking for…

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Design Sprint

The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. Developed at GV (Google’s Venture…

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Want your team and organisation to get a clear view of common current situation, mutually identify aspirations and goals, and help everyone crystallize and see what needs to be…

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Playing Lean Workshop

A very dynamic simulation setting you up in lean innovation mindset. In a half a day, Playing Lean board game takes you through revelations and pivots of a startup story, immediately applicable into…

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Pitching / effective presentation

With every pitch (presentation, talk) you want to achieve something specific. With our very hands on approach, we make sure you have the best chance to do so. Starting with…

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How to workshop workshop

We are doing a ton of workshops ourselves and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. We are sharing our lessons learned and experiences in a form of a workshop with tips & tricks,…

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Startup team coaching

Early stage Startup teams – be it internal in a big organization or independent “garage” team – need guidance and coaching in their early steps in their Customer…

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