Team’s hands-on helpers for a clearer visualization of the vital parts of a growing business or improving on overall energy and empathy between coworkers.

Business Model Canvas Plus

CH Business Model Canvas Plus

The CH Business Model Canvas Plus has been used and adapted to suit specific business scenarios and applications. Usually, it is printed out on a large surface so groups of people…

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CH Value Proposition Canvas Plus

When it comes time to really understand your customers, including their jobs-to-be-done, pains, and gains, as well as your offer to them, the Value Proposition Canvas, developed…

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CorpoHub “Pohvalnice”

Looking for ways to empower your team to express gratitude and compliments among themselves, encourage collaboration and feel appreciated at a daily basis? Pohvalnice represents a…

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Check-in cards

Ever wondered why some meetings just don’t seem to flow, why a boss or a coworker declines every idea that is put on the table? And other times, everything just clicks and your…

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