Trainers Master Class is the newest among CorpoHub certification programs. We believe in the power of facilitation and the art of training design. We love seeing people learn in an engaging way and we embrace experiential learning. That is why we decided to share our knowledge – more trainers, more quality workshops, more knowledge. Jump on our TMC train and book your Tuesdays in January and February. Need some more convincing? Here are seven reasons to apply.

#1 Unique Trainers Master Class with a spice of agile

With several years of experience on the stage, facilitating conversations and driving agile transformation in organizations, we created a unique TMC program, to which we added a pinch of agile. 

#2 Efficient program – get carefully selected content in just 30 hours

It wasn’t easy to create Trainers Master Class at all. There is SO MUCH content we could share and we would love to spend 2 months with you, learning about the art of training design. We know that’s simply impossible and that is why we carefully selected 5 modules that we find by far the most important.

#3 Diverse team of trainers

An important part of the learning experience on Trainers Master Class is also an observation of trainers that deliver the content. Our team is incredibly diverse in our training styles and by observing us it will be easier to create the idea of your own identity as a trainer.

#4 Get feedback on your training design and delivery

How to start crafting a workshop? How can you make a perfect flow? Are you clear and understandable when you speak? How is your energy and your nonverbal communication? Do the exercises that you chose make sense? Get your answers by your solo training delivery in module 5

seven reasons

#5 Boost your confidence on the stage

Being comfortable with public speaking, leading productive conversations with workshop participants and mastering facilitation is truly important. With feedback and 5 meetings, we will include you in every session we have. With feedback we get better and then our confidence follows.

#6 New ideas for games & exercises for your workshops

Our trainings are rich in diverse methods that we use and we know an endless amount of games and exercises. Sharing is caring – feel free to get new ideas and use exercises that you will experience later on in your trainings.

#7 OST, world cafe or fish bowl?

Ammm what are we talking about? These are a few names of methods that we use in training. When to use each method to reach your goal? How do you decide which method is the most appropriate? How can you create diverse sessions that make sense? Come to TMC

seven reasons