Fostering a flexible, adaptable and fast decision-making Agile Leadership, perfect for this VUCA, ever-changing and ambiguous era. Introducing lean and agile principles, strengthening agile skills and equipping you with a toolset, with the goal of embracing change, improving quality and maximising return on investment. Expanding Agile leadership and developing Agile leaders, triggering and sustaining change in Agile organizations. Empowering teams, fostering self-organization and seeding a culture of trust and innovation. Fostering mindfulness at work.

psychological safety

Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is the core strength of the most successful and productive teams, like Google’s Project Aristotle found out by studying more than 180 different teams.…

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emplyoee engagement

Employee engagement workshop

Engagement is a hot term, that has crucial benefits for employee performance. By openly discussing engagement with your team, you will create a transparent atmosphere in which you…

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comfort zone

Jump out of your comfort zone

When we work together, we notice so many things about our coworkers, their strengths, their weaknesses, their model of the world. How often do we share them? What could our team…

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Basic Agile Workshop

Basic Agile

Are you experiencing rapid change of work environment? Do you want to adopt a new, much more efficient way of working? Have you heard of Scrum, Agile, Kanban and other similar…

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Management 3.0

Internationally certified workshop about the concept of Management 3.0, global revolution in management, will give you practical exercises and tools that you can use to manage…

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agile leadership

Agile Leadership

In order to respond to the fast changing markets and make your teams collaborate in a quicker and a more efficient way, we need to develop a new way of working. In VUCA world, new…

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Mindfulness for business

Due to overwhelming stress and responsibilities, we need to learn how to train our mind to react in an efficient way, that keeps our energy high and makes people around us feel…

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If your teams are only getting introduced to agile mindset or they need an advanced workshop, you will get right-sized workshop and coaching by leading Agile coaching team in…

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how to workshop

How to workshop a workshop

Sharing your knowledge as a trainer in a meaningful way, delivering participants exactly what they need through a workshop, is an art. With skills of training design, methodology,…

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LJUBLJANA, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel13–15 OCTOBER 2020


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