We’re a battle proven diverse team of highly professional entrepreneurs.

Daniela Bervar Kotolenko


Business Hackathon strategist, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified facilitator, entrepreneur, inspirator, speaker

Matej Golob


Ideas-to-revenue accelerator, driving innovation by inspiration and perspiration, grounded in methodology and discipline. Business owner, mentor, facilitator and keynote speaker

Lojze Bertoncelj


Corporate Innovation empowerer, Lean Startup wizard and Early Growth hacker. Listener, enabler and metrics lover. Business partner, consultant and mentor. Ex-Corporate Intrapreneur.

Voranc Kutnik


Agile enthusiast who thrives on working with teams helping them embrace agile values and principles to build better products faster. Agile coach, change agent and trainer.

Anja Tavčar

(Office manager)

Operational wizzard, keeping the house in order and our team well balanced.

Nikola Georgievski

(Hackathon team)

Making sure a large group of focused and motivated individuals keep exceeding expectations.

Enej Gradišek

(Sprint team)

Helping you discover the right customer-value fit. Doing the right thing, before doing it right.

Romana Kralj

(Sprint team)

User experience ambassador. Not allowing anything to be developed, if it will not be enthusiastically used.

Lojze Žust

(Sprint team)

Tech enabler of your business aspirations. Digital cavalry.