State of Agile Slovenia 2018

Companies want to become Agile. Some have already started the transformation, and the key factor in deciding for this kind of action is to increase efficiency. In the vast majority (70% of respondents), the companies started with agile transformation in a completely natural way and use individual elements and approaches.

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STO Hackathon

If you had a magic stick and one option: to create a new 5-star experience in Slovenian tourism, what would that be?
In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourism Organization, CorpoHub organized the first two-day all-Slovenian tourist Hackathon, marathon, group competition in solving business challenges, which took place on October 18 and 19, 2017 in Kranjska Gora, within the Days of Slovenian Tourism 2017.

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Gorenje Group International Business Hackathon

When thinking out of the box and finding new challenges had an unforgettable experience?
The Event was a two-day competition in solving business cases and teams had to prove to the Gorenje Group international jury of experts that they were the best and they were willing to win cash prizes and Gorenje appliances totally worth more than 17.000 EUR and had a chance to be amongst Gorenje future talents or even employees!

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Have focus, be disciplined

Unlike classic linear development (idea-prototype-production-sales), lean innovation is based on merging product, customer and market development.

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How to treat problems as challenges?

We all get ideas daily, we complain and talk about how we could make something better. But few people treat problems as challenges and do something about it.

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Management should challenge, motivate and enable!

It’s difficult to order innovations, we can only make sure they happen. What's important are ambition and management vision as well as a quick beginning. You only need a few hours for formulating the first version of the innovation challenge.

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Breakthrough with business models

The bright future of companies is directly dependent on how fast changes are introduced into business operations, of course, considering the speed with which the competition implements changes.

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